Pilot project on how to dispose of syringes using non-burn options

As a follow up of the 2002 injection safety assessment and the 2003 introduction of AD syringes in Ukraine, a pilot project was initiated with the objective to design a safe and viable process for disposing AD syringes through a non-burn option.

3 Objectives

1. Design a safe and viable process for disposing AD syringes by testing different systems:

  • needle cutters;
  • neutralisation by autoclaving;
  • containment using safety containers and autoclaving bags;
  • different methods of transport (public, private);
  • disposal through shredding and recycling.

2. To evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the options.

3. Carry out extensive data collection so as to be able to recommend the safest and most viable process based on evidence.

The main conclusions are:

  • improvement of safety confirmed by the staff;
  • real time saving for health workers;
  • no major technical problems to overcome;
  • major issues are around the way to organize waste autoclaving;
  • transport of waste (sharps) must be regulated;
  • recycling process seem to face a number of difficulties;
  • the new system doesn’t cost more than previous treatment and disposal techniques used.