HCWM in healthcare facilities

If a solid support from the political level is indispensable, the day to day management of HCW is carried out in the healthcare facilities (HCFs).

The issues and needs will vary depending on the size and type of institution. You will therefore find for each thematic some general information followed by more detailed advice for three levels of HCFs:

  • small: village dispensary;
  • medium: regional / district health centers;
  • large: university and other large national health centers that produce special types of HCW such as cytotoxic and radioactive waste.

Main issues to look into…

HCWM being first of all a management issue, this crucial point is detailed first.

Medical activities require initial in-depth training as well as regular in-service refresher courses and the proper management of HCW must be a integral part of both curricula.

Being well informed about the regulatory frameworks (national legislation as well as internal rules and codes of practice) and knowing which technologies to privilege, are indispensable for adequate action to be taken.

Finally, being able to prepare a realistic budget and find the necessary financial ressources is a good way to guarantee that what is being put in place will be sustainable on the long term.