Actors in the HCWM process

The main actors involved in the management of HCW are the:

  • HCFs that generates the waste;
  • service providers who collect the waste from the healthcare facilities and transport it to the treatment facilities;
  • treatment facilities that process the waste to make it safe for final disposal.

Each of these major actors as well as administrative authorities and the public will need to receive appropriate training to ensure appropriate measures are taken at each level for the safe management of HCW.

Generators of HCW

HCW isn’t only produced in hospitals but in a number of other locations:

  • Major sources are hospitals, clinics, laboratories, blood banks and mortuaries;
  • Minor sources are physician’s office, dental clinics, pharmacies, etc.

Apart from producing different quantities of waste, these sources also produce different types of waste, that don’t all require the same kind of treatment and disposal as explained in the ressources section under the treatment options chapter.